Pilates am Achensee    

Why choose Pilates over Yoga

Pilates and yoga both offer many health benefits, but there are some specific advantages that Pilates offers over yoga:

Physical strengthening: Pilates places a special focus on strengthening deep-seated muscles, resulting in improved posture, flexibility and coordination.

Injury prevention: Pilates exercises are especially good for preventing injuries from sports or other physical activities by strengthening and improving muscles.

Focus on Control: Pilates places a special emphasis on control of movement, leading to better body awareness and an improved ability to prevent injury.

Customization: Pilates exercises can be easily adapted to a person's individual needs and abilities to ensure a safe and effective exercise experience.

Time commitment: Pilates exercises can be successfully completed in less time than many yoga practices, making it a good choice for people with limited time.

These are some of the advantages Pilates offers over yoga. However, it is important to note that both forms of exercise have their own unique benefits and it comes down to which exercises best fit a person's individual needs and goals.